Aldgate & Allhallows Foundation

Aldgate and Allhallows Foundation is an independent grant making education charity operating in the City of London and the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.
Established nearly 120 years ago, the charity is an amalgamation of three much older trusts that were founded by Sir Samuel Starling (1675); Anthony Death (1679); and Alderman James Hickson (1686) to provide funds for education or trade training for young people from the City of London and East End.

Today, the Foundation is administered by Staff at Sir John Cass’s Foundation. This arrangement dates from 1895 and is now regulated by a service level agreement between the two charities.

The Aldgate & Allhallows Foundation has assets of approximately £8m and provides support to organisations and individuals totalling £0.3m per annum. Applicants must fulfil the following eligibility criteria: Residency of either the City of London or the London Borough of Tower Hamlets; be under twenty six years of age and in need of financial support to cover the cost of education. Priority is given to those from disadvantaged communities.


Aldgate & Allhallows and Sir John Cass’s Foundations have worked collaboratively on a number of strategic and innovative projects in the last few years, such as the establishment of the Schools Funding Network and the provision of Junior ISAs for Looked After Children in London, in association with the Share Foundation.

The work undertaken by Aldgate & Allhallows Foundation, as a much smaller charity, complements that of Sir John Cass’s Foundation. The Boards of both charities, whilst retaining independence from one another, accept that in some circumstances working together benefits both organisations and it is clearly a case of “the sum is greater that the parts”.

Contact details

Clerk and Chief Executive: Richard Foley

Postal address:
Aldgate & Allhallows Foundation
31 Jewry Street
London, EC3N 2EY

Telephone: 020 7488 2489