By Jenny Moseley, Governor

We visited HMP Send and were overwhelmed by the team behind Issue 3 of the Beauty’s Inside. The get together was informal and chatty and the prisoners were enthusiastic, keen to learn and develop their skills and opened up to us about how working with the London College of Fashion has helped to develop self-esteem and confidence.

Amie, a long-term prisoner, who is also learning hairdressing skills at the Send salon, has worked on all three issues of the Beauty’s Inside – she is enthusiastic about being part of the team and is ready to sign up for Issue 4 and to encourage others to do the same. She is preparing herself for release by learning as much as she can. She had a first attempt at writing for this issue and has surprised herself in the fulfilment that extending her skills has brought her.

Chloe said that the programme has given her confidence to believe in herself and is happy that she has found that she is capable of doing something worthwhile – horizons have been broadened.

Jane said that signing up for the programme has helped her to find herself again and was emotional about what working on issue 3 has done for her.

There is tremendous support of the project at the prison by the governors and staff as they see the benefits that it brings, and the amazing staff at the London College of Fashion are talented and enthusiastic and put the women at their ease. Planning for issue 4 unexpectedly started while we were there, and we found ourselves immersed in the workshop with everyone exchanging ideas about what should be included.

The Governors of Sir John Cass’s Foundation like to hear about the successes of those organisations that receive grants from us and this visit was surprisingly interesting, involving and worthwhile.

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