Lord McNally, Tutu Foundation Ambassador, hosted and Chaired a symposium sponsored by the Cass Foundation, at the House of Lords on Tuesday 10th October 2017. The session presented the interim findings of an evaluation of the Ubuntu Police-Youth Project – a pioneering pilot intervention to improve relations between police forces and the communities they serve.

As an independent grant maker the Sir John Cass’s Foundation is well placed to invest in testing new and ground-breaking approaches to supporting disadvantaged young people across London and a grant of £50,000 was awarded in June 2016 towards the pilot project.

The pilot combined vital efforts in forging community cohesion whilst also up-skilling young people from deprived areas of London. Participants are trained in developing communication skills, their ability to listen to others and effective ways to express their own thoughts. The programme is intended to teach strategies, skills and build confidence – behaviours which align closely with Sir John Cass’s Foundation’s efforts to encourage and support young people’s attainment and help them engage with, and stay in, education.

In collaboration with the Mayor’s Office for Policing & Crime and the Metropolitan Police Community Engagement Commissioner, the Tutu Foundation identified 14 London boroughs to deliver the project where they believe the project could make a positive impact within the local community.

The Rt. Hon. David Lammy MP, head of the recently released Inquiry into Racial Disproportionality and the Criminal Justice System, was among leading speakers at the Symposium. Speaking on the challenges for policing and racial inequality in the UK, Mr. Lammy said that “anything which serves to break down a culture of ‘us and them’ is to be encouraged… I want to applaud the Roundtable Project.”

The event led to much meaningful discussion, paving the way for influence and action from all valued guests.

For further information on the work of the Tutu Foundation please visit https://www.tutufoundationuk.org/