University of London

The University of London hosted an event on Friday 1 July for alumni and students of its International Programme to profile its forthcoming projects.   Held at one of London’s most iconic landmarks, Tower Bridge, the evening created the perfect opportunity for the University to announce the new partnership with Sir John Cass’s Foundation. The three year grant from the Foundation will enable the University to develop and implement the Distance Learning Scholarship Programme.

The programme’s main objective is to support young people in London, who would find it difficult to attend higher education full-time due to a number of personal constraints, to have the opportunity to study through distance learning with a world-class university.  The 18 scholarships, which will be delivered over three years, starting in September 2016, will cover all tuition and examination fees for the University of London degree through the International Programmes.  Funding will also enable development of a custom-built careers programme. Throughout each year, Sir John Cass’s Foundation Distance Learning Scholarship students will be supported through a range of measures designed and delivered by The Careers Group, University of London with the aim of helping the students’ transition into employment. In order to ensure a wide range of young people are supported the registration fee for 300 students will be funded through the grant.

The Foundation was represented at the event by Deputy Kevin Everett, Chairman and Paul James, Head of Administration and Support.  Professor Sir Adrian Smith, Vice-Chancellor and Dr Mary Stiasny OBE, Pro Vice-Chancellor (International) and Chief Executive of the University of London International Programmes hosted the evening and gave the keynote addresses.  Both thanked the personal contribution of Deputy Kevin Everett and Sir John Cass’s Foundation for its substantial grant which will enable the University to significantly scale its support for non-traditional students.  With increased technology and flexible work schedules, distance study is increasing in popularity and providing a viable option for higher education and life-long learning.

The evening concluded with networking giving Deputy Kevin Everett and Paul James the opportunity to speak directly to the students and alumni to gain an understanding of their personal development plans and career aims.

Alumni event at Tower Bridge Paul James

From left to right: Professor Sir Adrian Smith, Vice-Chancellor, Dr Mary Stiasny OBE, Pro Vice-Chancellor (International) and Chief Executive of the University of London International Programmes, Paul James, Head of Administration and Support, Sir John Cass’s Foundation