A collaborative project of the Foundation and the Unicorn Theatre


It is very difficult to measure the positive effects the involvement in the theatre can have on a child and to create a system to measure these effects but this reseach, through surveys and questionnaires of children and teachers involved with the Unicorn Theatre’s InterACT school’s programme has done just that.

In addition, the impact on participating teachers and their classroom practice was also analysed.



Discussing the Three Musketeers; and the children’s responses

The analysis undertaken and the number of findings that have been garnered will hopefully enable those engaged in similar projects in the future to learn from this research. It is hoped, as one of the first in depth research projects in this field it will have a positive impact on the funding of the arts and the importance of drama in the school curriculum.

The report was commissioned by the Foundation and the Unicorn Theatre (who have worked together on many projects over a number of decades) into the tangible benefits to children’s learning of involvement with theatre experiences.





Children are actively involved – increasing concentration and motivation

Around 200 people attended the reception at the Unicorn Theatre on 23rd February 2012 to celebrate the launch of the research and evaluation publication entitled ‘Capturing Imaginations’.

There was a debate on the findings by a panel consisting of Ms Purni Morell, Artistic Director, Unicorn Theatre, Dr. Helen Nicholson, Author, Mr. Paul Oginsky, Governments Youth Policy Advisor, Dr. Cecily O’Neill, Associate Artist, Unicorn Theatre, Ms Juliet Stevenson CBE, Actress, President Unicorn Theatre.


The evaluation and research report adheres to the Foundation’s monitoring and evaluation policy.



‘Nine months later, what the [children] remember is astounding.’

A copy of the publication is available to download from the publications section of this website.


A little about the Unicorn Theatre

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The Unicorn Theatre was founded by Caryl Jenner as a touring company in 1947 with a commitment to giving children a valuable and often first ever experience of quality theatre, and a philosophy that ‘the best of theatre for children should be judged on the same high standards of writing, directing, acting and design as the best of adult theatre’.

Unicorn Theatre Production

Unicorn Theatre Production

Today, the Unicorn is the UK’s leading professional theatre for young audiences, dedicated to inspiring and invigorating young people of all ages, perspectives and abilities, and empowering them to explore the world – on their own terms – through theatre.

We strive to push the boundaries of imagination in everything that we do; welcoming families, schools, and young people for unforgettable theatrical experiences that will expand horizons, change perspectives, and challenge how we all see and understand each other.

Our purpose built home at London Bridge contains two theatres, four floors of public spaces and two rehearsal studios; allowing us to work with some of the world’s most exciting theatre-makers to produce, present and tour a surprising, innovative and broad range of work that is honest, refreshing and international in outlook.

We serve over 60,000 children and their parents and carers every year through our extensive programme of work both on and offstage.


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