ambassadors_thumbSir John Cass’s Foundation London Ambassador’s Scheme for Learners with Disabilities

Sir John Cass’s Foundation is pleased to have supported this project and its evaluation over a three year period, from its inception to its conclusion, as it has always sought to promote participation and achievement in education. Widening Participation into further and higher education is one of four priority areas for the Foundation, and it is gratifying to learn from the evaluation of the project, which examined both outputs and outcomes, how successful it has been in assisting young people with disabilities.

The project involved five hundred learners from across inner London over the course of its lifetime, and the information gathered during this project will be disseminated widely. The London Ambassador’s Scheme recruited University students with disabilities to deliver outreach activities to learners with similar disabilities in schools and colleges in Sir John Cass’s Foundation beneficial area of inner London boroughs, targeting specific learners to raise their awareness of the opportunities in Further and Higher education.

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