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Cass_book_1‘For the poor children of London’ – A brief life and history of Sir John Cass and Sir John Cass’s Foundation

This 190-page book is filled with fascinating detail about Sir John Cass, his life and times, and brings you up to date with stories and anecdotes along the way. Colour photographs bring this book to life and it’s a good leisurely read. £25 plus p&p.

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The Painted RoomThe Painted Room

The Foundation’s Boardroom, ‘the Painted Room’ at the Sir John Cass’s Foundation Primary School in the City of London is a well kept secret in more ways than one…







Cass BoatThe Sir John Cass Nautical School, London

In 1927 the Department of Navigation was established at the Sir John Cass Technical Institute in Jewry Street, City of London…





Download PDF documentSir John Cass’s Foundation, Founder’s Day Order of Service 2017

Sir John Cass’s Foundation arranges, manages and pays for the annual costs of Founder’s Day as it is the Sole Trustee of Sir John Cass’s Foundation Primary School and Sir John Cass’s Foundation & Redcoat Secondary School.