Sir John Cass’s Foundation has awarded grant funding to The Samosa in support of their “Educating through the Arts” media workshop programme.

The Samosa is a London based arts & media charity, working with South Asian and Muslim communities across the country to facilitate positive cooperation and discussion through the arts.

It delivers creative film and media workshops to schools, colleges, universities and communities groups across London and the UK. Facilitated by a professional arts practitioner, they use the medium of film to explore social, cultural and political issues that are relevant to young people today, including racism, religious tensions, immigration and women’s rights.

The programme will deliver a series of creative after-school workshops to complement A-Level Media courses. Young people will receive training in the language of journalism, film, reporting, story balance and perspectives.

The programme looks at careers in media and art, the power of media, diversity in media and practical film making. With a focus on how cross-media products relate to minority groups and their experiences. Amongst many skills, the young people will leave with an improved confidence in expressing ideas and opinions, and an increased knowledge of media language and representation theories.

The Samosa is always inclusive and open for people from all backgrounds, engaging wider Asian, Muslim, BME and all other communities in the UK. Using film, theatre and music, they provide creative spaces for people of all ages to explore cultural and social issues impacting their communities, fostering intercultural dialogue and community cohesion. The Foundation has a long, and proud, history of bringing young people from all backgrounds into education and is delighted to support the Samosa.

For more information about The Samosa and how you can support, please click on the following link: